Corps Fleur vinyl colourways!

Corps Fleur vinyl colourways!

The 29th of November we'll be opening for pre-orders for the upcoming Corps Fleur vinyl. We'll be releasing three different colourways - all limited to 100 copies and all hand numbered - due to release late December.

100 x Gloom version (OTU exclusive)

100 x Gold / Black swirl version

100 x Silver / Black swirl version)

Officially formed in 2019, Midlands based Corps Fleur have launched themselves into the post black metal scene with their debut self titled release.

Featuring members of Ubiquitous and Vulvodynia, the band strays from past projects to deliver a raw, emotional mix of melodic and atmospheric black metal that certainly defines them from others. 

The self titled release indulges the listener with rich harmonies from the start. The combination of melancholic clean sections and hard hitting riffs, convey emotion  with descent in mood. This falls into a much darker place, which is embodied in the somber lyrics, depicting personal struggle and suicide but also finding the beauty in death.

Earlier this year they released one of the of the most impressive debuts we've heard in a long time and we're honored to bring it to you on limited edition vinyl. The vinyl will be released in late December 2020.