We're extremely proud to welcome Illinois power trio PAINS to our label. We'll be releasing their amazing EP "Gnashing Among the Carnage" on limited vinyl this summer.

PAINS is a 3 piece band hailing from different parts of Illinois & Wisconsin, featuring an explosive blend of death metal, punk and sludge metal. PAINS aims to play as loud and aggressive as possible while interspersing thoughts and introspections about humanity’s plight with the crushing machinations of empire.

Formed in 2016, PAINS debuted with their crushing 5 song EP; “Drown the Earth” followed a few months later with their ferocious single; “Sadistic Obsessions” in the summer of 2017. Touring throughout the US in 2018-19, PAINS headed to the studio in January 2020 to record their next set of music, planned for release the same year, the pandemic put things on a temporary hold.

Now back in 2021, PAINS released their brand new, emblematic 4 song EP; “Gnashing Among the Carnage” on October 22nd. A polished and revised sound but still with the same ferocity as past music, Gnashing… features a thematic self-reflection about dealing with the unimaginable horrors of the modern world, past and present. Rather than attempting to magnify with protest, Pains attempts to take a more introspective approach in coping and dealing with the personal, mental ramifications of living under a dying empire.

Aimed to take 2022 by storm, PAINS has plans for more touring and more music to come soon and beyond.

If you like bands like NAILS, Full Of Hell and Vermin Vomb you need to check out PAINS.