Reawakened from rustful sleep in 2017, Terrorpy is back at making tunes and bringing their pusdripping brand of death metal this wretched world. Taking inspiration from both the European scene and from across the pond, Terrorpy strives toward music that twists your intestine and gives you a backache through the use of hammering riffs, blasting drums and misanthropic vocals. Their debut album, Stuffing Puke Into the Sockets, was released digitally and on CD towards the end of 2020, and is now in due need of an upgrade to the realm of vinyl through Over the Under Records.

”We are very excited to be putting our debut album out on vinyl,” says bass player and vocalist Jonas Viuff, and adds, “We always wanted to do that, but we needed the right help and ressources, which we finally found in the shape of Over the Under Records.”

The Danish label specializes in releasing limited editions of high quality vinyl, and has chosen Terrorpy to be their first endeavour into the specific genre of death metal. They are far from inexperienced, however, and are also making waves by publishing Danish bands such as Lamentari and Disillusionist. But what brand of death metal is Terrorpy exactly?

“We have seen reviews differ somewhat on their opinion on our specific sound,” says Jonas. “Some of them wanted to tie our sound to the New York stage, while others would find that we had more a taste of something Floridian. We definitely love, and take inspiration from, a lot of American metal, but we would be remiss not to include our European inspirations such as Iniquity and Necrophagist. Still, you can’t really beat Cannibal Corpse. While we do not have entirely matching tastes in music in Terrorpy, no one disagrees on the awesome quality of Cannibal Corpse.

The band was originally founded in 2009 under another name. Jonas explains, “We had other band projects that fell apart pretty much at the same time. We started jamming to get some music going again, and then it sort of evolved. We started out being named Priapism, but a quick look at the Metal Archives told us, that several bands already existed bearing that name, and one of them already put out some albums. We got a new drummer, and he came up with our current name.”

The band had done a little recording and were getting traction live, when a hiatus hit in 2012. “We faced some health problems and other busy parts of our lives. All of us were doing other projects, until Rune and I decided to get together and do some death metal again. We were planning on just being a studio project, but then I saw Christoffer play in the winter of 2017, and I knew we just had to get him aboard.”

From then on, the work ethic rose fast. “He learned the songs really fast, put his own stamp on them, ramped up the tempo. It was natural that we should just record.” The band got their debut album recorded and produced by friend Ebbe Grøn, and the album was published digitally and on CD in the end of November 2020.

Jonas tells, “We just got to squeeze in a show before all venues were shut down due to the pandemic. It felt good to do a proper release of al album so long underway. Now we just can’t wait to get it out on vinyl!”
Lyrically, as the name might hint, Terrorpy likes to roam the darker territories of the human psyche. Jonas notes, however, that there is plenty of space for the good old trope of body horror.
“You’ve got your fluids, you’ve got your blades, you’ve got your different flavors of deranged,” says Jonas, and continues, “Some lyrics delve into the psychological, others will go the gore. We do not always have a set theme, but we just might for the next record. As long as it tickles your gag reflex a little bit, then we might just have gotten it right.”