LAMENTARI will play at Wacken Festival!

LAMENTARI will play at Wacken Festival!

Great news! LAMENTARI represents Denmark for the Wacken Metal Battle final at the Wacken Open Air in 2022!

LAMENTARI plays symphonic black metal and draws on inspiration from everything from Bach and Stravinsky to Dimmu Borgir and Yngwie Malmsteen. LAMENTARI's critically acclaimed debut EP ‘MISSA PRO DEFUNCTIS’ was released in March 2020, and included a live recorded ensemble of strings and winds.

LAMENTARI has since they were formed played on everything from Copenhell Metal Cruise over Spot Festival and Royal Metal Fest to Copenhell Freezes Over - and is now reportedly ready for Wacken this summer.

The keen Metal Battle fan will note that the selection has not been as usual. It has not been possible to find our winner in the traditional way through live shows this year. The man behind the Danish Wacken Metal Battle, Jacob Dinesen, explains here about the decision:

“Almost a long time ago, before darkness descended on our country, we discussed which bands should compete to become Denmark's participant in Wacken Metal Battle 2020.

We selected a strip of duelists, booked a lot of shows - all to good due to the crazy times.

Now it's time to find a band to send to this year's international battle.
When it was time to make a decision on go / no-go, everything was still marked by uncertainty, so it ended with a round of scams & all relevant venues were fully booked for the whole year.

But the show must go on, therefore the solution has been that the winner of the last vote, Lamentari, has been selected as the winner. " - Jacob Dinensen, Wacken Metal Battle Denmark

Wacken Open Air takes place this year on 2 - 6 August.