Demersal is a blackened screamo/emoviolence band based in Copenhagen and Odense, Denmark. Through an aggressive performance, their music explores feelings of grief and meaninglessness, communicated through passages of chaotic, expressive hardcore, and melancholic post-rock, joined with vocals that seem both powerful and fragile. Between releasing their debut EP, “To mend a yellow wound”, in 2017 and their debut LP, “Less”, in 2020, they have toured Europe multiple times alongside bands such as Hexis, Telos, O, Regarding Ambiguity and Puke Wolf. In 2021, they will release their second EP, “Death Routines”, alongside a split with the danish screamo act, Regarding Ambiguity. "Death Routines" will primarily be touching upon themes derived from negative routines in everyday life that consume us and ultimately lead to our demise.