Clavis Aurea, LP (Black Version)

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Denmarks Lamentari merges grandiose orchestral scoring with ferocious blackened death metal. With inspirations drawn from both classical and modern composers like Penderecki, Stravinsky, Orff, and John Williams, Lamentari forges a dark liturgic monument to encompass the span of both foulness and beauty. Combining these classical influences with monstrous metal music such as BehemothDimmu Borgir, and Dissection, the sonic experience is unique, fearsome, and cinematic.
Now, Lamentari has again invoked a mass of maleficent psalms in their most ambitious release: "Clavis Aurea" will encompass even deeper dives into the devious sounds of the grand orchestra in a fiery fusion with old and modern blackened death.
A lucid union of metal and the orchestral roar permeates the sound of Lamentari, to which "Clavis Aurea" is a testament.

Released: 2022

Label: Over The Under Records

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