Antistemning, LP

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We're proud to present this Danish hardcore gem on vinyl for the first time. 

CZAR is a hardcore band from Copenhagen which includes members from The Psyke ProjektHorned AlmightyClientsHelhorseExmortem and Koldborn. Danish spoken/screaming hardcore which mixes their inspiration from the chaotic hardcore and punk scene - No fucks given. The band existed from 2014-2017.

CZAR sounds like many things but most of all, CZAR sounds like CZAR. The band cultivates the experience of the dystopian and the fucking violent thereby creating a large beautiful loving pear mash of shit for everyone to dive into. Lyrics revolve around despair, fear of death and the littered experiment of a parasite we call human - which is apparently not good for anything other than destruction and self-destruction. It offers no solutions but a flimsy hope that if you dive into the shit with open eyes it may be that, in addition to getting shit in your eyes, you may be able to swim through it. Their music thereby balances on a knife-edge between gloomy and introverted on the one hand and the extroverted, forward-looking and lively on the other, thereby creating an exciting and explosive field of tension of simultaneously creative and destructive forces.

Released: 2021 (2017)

Label: Over The Under Records


  • Antistemning
  • Afmagt
  • Fastholdt
  • Forløber for Døden
  • Straffen
  • Henrettelse
  • Hævntogt
  • Gudernes Gave
  • Skærsilden